Por quê é tão difícil aprender inglês?

Quoted from http://aprendafacil.wordpress.com/2009/03/17/por-que-e-tao-dificil-aprender-ingles/: Por quê é tão difícil aprender inglês? « Aprenda Fácil Por quê é tão difícil aprender inglês? 17 março 2009 por Zailda Coirano Todo ano formam-se dezenas de classes novas na escola onde leciono e são classes bem numerosas, a procura por um idioma estrangeiro hoje é

20 More Things Your Child’s Teacher Won’t Tell You

Interviews by Neena Samuel from Readers Digest Oct. 2009     1. My rule for hormonal middle-schoolers: Keep your hands where I can see them. 2. My first year of teaching, a fifth-grader actually threw a chair at me. I saw him recently, and he told me he just graduated from

10 Unexpected Uses for an iPad

To Richard, When Apple released the iPad, it was declared as many things, including a game changer. But once we held an iPad, with its thin frame, wide screen, and smooth exterior, we realized exactly how much of a game changer it really was. Gone were the keyboard, the mouse,

Driver caught speeding by same cop in two countries (small world)

From correspondents in Wellington From: AFP December 08, 2010 9:35AM A MOTORIST caught speeding in London two years ago moved to New Zealand only to be booked by the same police officer for again exceeding the limit, reports say. Former London bobby Andy Flitton ticketed the man in Britain two

Kid goes to dentist, suffers side effects from medicine, and has dozen of spoof videos

Poor David went to dentist to have a tooth removed. In the car back home he is a bit out of reality because of the side effects of the anaesthesia. So far, so good. Not being enough, his parents post the video on Youtube, which gathers an astonishing 73 million
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